What some people are saying:

“This is unlike any other Lovecraft-inspired book you've laid eyes on…. unique for its quirkiness, its aims,
and its presentation. … If you don't get one for yourself, get one for that Lovecraft-lover in your life, or even
that Lovecraft-hater!”

                     --Forrest Aguirre, Heraclix and Pomp

“This book is so good, interesting, clever, creative, thought-provoking… I was absolutely fascinated by it.”

                   -- Matthew Carpenter, “The Best Lovecraftian Books of 2015,” Lovecraft EZine Talk Show

“Highly entertaining.”

--Sandy Petersen, game designer, DoomQuake, and The Call of Cthulhu RPG

“…an ambitious, clever, complex and yet still completely accessible project that plays with some of Lovecraft's more obscure literary concerns…  I can't wait for my copy!”

--George Strayton, screenwriter and producer, Hercules: The Legendary JourneysXena: Warrior PrincessTransformers 2

How to Buy

Order it Online 

Send USD $50 via PayPal to ezra dot claverie at gmail dot com, and Andy Action Fulfillment will ship a copy to you anywhere in the world. This price includes a bookplate by Erol Otus, a random postcard by one of the three artists, and a hand-silkscreened acetate bookmark by Dan Zettwoch.